Celebrate birthdays, bachelor parties, divorces, job promotions, retirements and more at The Filly Corral. Start at the stage and then move to our exclusive private rooms with the beautiful and enchanting entertainer of your choice. Just you and her, one on one. Your own private show.
Lap Dances
$20 per song

Private VIP Rooms
20 Minutes  $125
40 Minutes  $180
60 Minutes  $250

Our VIP treatment is not just a private affair. Celebrate any occasion in style at The Filly with our sexy and fun party games on stage. Whether they’re the bachelor/bachelorette, celebrating a birthday, or any other guest of honor, watch and enjoy as our gorgeous and sexy girls make them the center of attention in our world-famous “Hot Seat.” They’ll sweat, squirm and smile with delight as they’re shown who’s boss — teasing, tantalizing and maybe even getting a little spanking if they’ve been bad! It’s an experience that you and your friends will NEVER forget!